Each year C.A.P. awards eight $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors. To be eligible, the athlete must, among other things, have participated in at least one Churchill athletic sport, plan to continue their education at a college or vocational school, complete a scholarship application form and be a current C.A.P. member.

Applications are due Thursday, March 29, 2018.  Please be sure to submit the application with the 1-8-18 revision date (download below). If you use the previous application, it will be returned and you will have to complete the new application.

To be eligible for the scholarship, the student or parent must be a current CAP member no later than March 29, 2018.

If there are any  questions, please contact Danielle Dobar at  dnb1210@att.net or Marc Hage (Athletic Administrator) or email C.A.P..president@gmail.com.

Please right click over the link below and select Save Target As.  Save the file to My Documents or your Desktop.  Then fill out, print and mail.  The file is a Word document.


C.A.P. would like to congratulate the previous scholarship winners and wish them the best of luck in the future.

Dash Dobar
Frank LaFave
Caroline George
Kathleen George
Noah Hagood
Madison Kozlowski
Tyler Opdycke
Jennifer Rousseau

Emily Benedict
Ethan Burke
Ryanne Lezotte
Alexis Lombardo
Grace Tolen
Madison White
Alexann Zahara
Angelica Zhou

Brian Alsobrooks
Lauren Bernhardt
Erin Emmanuel
Lexi Fata
Nate Guzowski
Victoria Lupher
Jonathan Martin
Kyle Reppenhagen

Julia Cavagnini
Jake Hage
Andrew Malik
Erin McDonald
Megan McFarlane
Colin Murphy
Katie Shereda
Julia Twigg


Bryan Bartig
Joe Hage
Emily Jackson
Rachel Jason
Allison Murray
Bethany Pilat
Derek Puishes
Jackie Tolles\

Sarah Bauman
Stephen Charnley
Stephen Foster
Jordan Grohoski
Michael Houghan
Megan McDonald
Carl Rayford
Cory Urbats
Matthew Windle
Tom Windle
Alexandra Zoski

Darcy DeRoo
Sara Kroll
Christine Maleske
Ian Guerin
Ryan Keeling
Quinn Osgood
Ryan Rodeman

Josh Andaloro
Christine Luneack
Ara Markarian
Jessica McClain
Hannah Otto
Jessica Stroud
Mark Waterbury

Daran Carey
Vinny carozza
Sarah LaBerge
Joe Varilone
Ryan Whittum
Laura Tomassi

Hilary Antal
Kyle Anderson
Andrew LaBerge
Megan Maceratini
John Rodeman


Jackie Demers
Daniel DeRoo
Karen Freeman
Timothy Howse
Brynn Kerr
Brittney Morgan
Katie Schmidt
Mary Shereda
Joe Thomas
Daniel Westrick


Katie Michniak
Katalin Dugan
Mike Manoogian
Glen Wozniak
Frank Gribeck
Kristyna Archer
Billy Sanders
Lauren Siedlik

Andrea Heidt
Kristen Tomasic
Jacqui Gatt
Nicole Renaud
Laura Mester
Magda Stawikowska
Anthony Carozza
Kristen Bescoe

Alex Murray
Sarah Westrick
Denise Zheng
Nicholas Karr
Kari Kotzian
Robert Freeman
Derek Mireles
Rachel Morgan

Meghan Parnell
Ryan Gall
Deanna DeRoo
Susan Duncan
Sallie Kuratko